How to survive Christmas?

The holiday season is around the corner. It is a stressful season, and even more overwhelming when your brain does not function right. How does one survive the holidays? I guess the key is to take a day at a time, make lists, prepare and remember to take breaks.

My family is small, so we take our time opening gifts, one by one. One of my current stresses is what am I going to give to my family. What do they need? What do I usually give them? Going from store to store looking for inspiration is exhausting and overwhelming. There is too much noise and people around.

Christmas days tend to be intense as well. So much to do in such little time, it makes you think that there will be no time to rest. Sure you can go away for a few minutes, but will you really be able to rest?

I think too much, that is my problem. Brain fatigue and generalised anxiety disorder do not go well hand in hand.

If I don’t find many gifts, then my family will understand. If I need to rest for 3 hours, they will also understand. Christmas traditions are beautiful, and having the family together is nice. This season is one of my favourites, but since I got this condition, it has been an anxious and stressful season.

This year my wife and I are also going abroad, so I will not have the comfort of my home, where I spend 98% of my time. Routines and familiar surroundings are extremely important for me, it’s how I check-in on myself; I know what works and doesn’t work, and I know what are the warning signs. When I am in a different surrounding, different people and food, I get confused. It is a lot of new impressions.

So, I have to remind myself to..

  1. Take a day at a time. If that is too hard, take an hour at a time. As we gets closer to Christmas and traveling abroad, I need to not allow it become so overwhelming. Traveling is pretty simple, being at my parent’s house should go just fine. It is nothing extraordinary. Stay in the moment, and when Christmas arrives we can take it then.
  2. Make lists and prepare. The past weeks I have really planned my life with my iPhone with reminders, alarms, calendar, shopping lists, pinterest. It has really helped me a lot to keep it cool and not feel like I am forgetting something. Even though I hate being so dependent on a hackable device that is so dependent on energy and internet, it is the best thing for me at the moment.
  3. Take breaks. I always forget to take breaks. ALWAYS. I am so used to “I can do it just a little longer”. It is great mentality when working out, but a terrible mentality when recovering from brain fatigue. No, you cannot “just do it a little longer”. Worst is when you start thinking “my brain is starting to hurt, but I am having fun”. The recovery time takes longer, your head will hurt, and nothing ends up being done for the day or week if you exert yourself like that. Is there an app to remind you to take mindful breaks?

How are you preparing yourself for these holidays?